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In recent years, Turkey has emerged as a tourist nation with about more than 40 million tourists annually. Recently there has been a trend towards development of universities as well to attract foreign students.


Why Turkey?

Turkey, the continental-crossroad country is officially called ‘the Republic of Turkey’. The country is chiefly located in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe Today Turkey is becoming the most preferred destination to study abroad.Apart from quality education, another plus point about Turkish universities is the relatively reasonable tuition fees at public as well as private universities. Education fields in turkey are vast and detailed with state of the art laboratories at research universities student get a unique opportunity to discover their skills and become a part of any prestigious firms in the future.

Our Services

IKA Consultant hope to ease your transition to a new Country and a new home. IKA Consultant is a home away from home. When in difficulty, home is the first place you turn to; and so should IKA Consultant be the first place to turn to, when running into unexpected conditions. We have a wealth of information on diverse issues. If we can’t respond to an inquiry, we have all the key contacts to direct you to someone who can.

Travel Arrangements

When you apply for your visa, our team will guide you at any embassy. You should not take any final steps, such as purchasing plane tickets, until your visa is approved. After you get your Study visa and tickets ,the next step is an international airport at the country where you wish to go .Our team will receive you from the airport and will arrange transportation.

Post Arrival Services

At Study Overseas (Turkey) we believe in providing the best possible service. Our years of experience in sending students to TURKEY have told us that it is not always easy to make the leap from one country to another. That is why, even after you have arrived in TURKEY, we will continue to look after you as best we can, through our TURKEY office. Our experienced counseling staff will assist the students as best they can, helping to ensure a smooth transition into student life after arrival in TURKEY.
Turkey is the second country in the world in access to higher education with 94.2% schooling rate.
Yes, here are the advantages of studying abroad:

  • It’s a challenge

  • Experience a different culture

  • Top quality education

  • Learn a new language

  • Career opportunities

  • International travel

IKA Consultant hopes to ease your transition to a new Country and a new home. IKA Consultant is a home away from home. Feel free to Contact Us.
These things you must know before studying abroad:

  • Make sure all your paperwork is done.

  • Keep up to date with the currency exchange

  • Get all necessary health check ups and vaccinations

  • Organize your flights and itinerary

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